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from Catherine Franz
A consultant & Certified Master Coach
Specializing in Productivity,
Nonfiction  & Mindmapping 

A Beautifully Enduring and Inspiring Read...

You lift up the cover, flip through the pages, and what do you find? A time capsule. A poignantly beautiful, sometimes raw assemblage of stories from people of faith, grappling to make sense, to survive, to find their way through the early days of Coronavirus—that would become known as Covid-19...

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NEW! There is nothing accidental about you!

Seldom do we put labels on the people we love with the intention of hurting them, damaging their self-esteem, or sabotaging the development of healthy identity. But it happens, just the same.

The term has become anchored as a common expression in our everyday conversations. Words have weight and for many, these are some of the weightiest.  “Johnny was an oops!”

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Catherine was an entrepreneur before the name was popular. Even when she operated her accounting practice, she took side trips into other business adventures. She did television and radio broadcasting from behind the camera to in front.  

Learned sales from door-to-door, to selling retail, before the Internet to online marketing and thereafter. All while managing a few restaurants. She achieved her coaching degrees and master status in 10 years.  Became a published author at age 16 since. She did all this while growing a CPA practice. She attributes her accomplishments to productivity. 

She operated an instructional accounting school for several years. 

One thing hasn't changed since age 16 is her love and use of  mind mapping, business and personal development, nonfiction writing, and productivity. 

She loves the PKM (personal and business knowledge movement) and computer systems . She learned computers and their languages starting in the Pentagon basement as a teen with her father on a 1401 and hasn’t stopped loving computers since. She enjoys being geeky including the Ai movement.

Productivity tools and processes is a passion. 

Currently she consults/coaches privately, gives instructional classes, and writes.